DIY satin ribbon crafts

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DIY satin ribbon crafts
DIY satin ribbon crafts

What are the features of working with ribbons, materials for needlework. The best ideas on how to make a satin ribbon craft: weaving, voluminous flowers, kanzashi and others. Tips for caring for the product.

Crafts made from ribbons are a very effective and at the same time simple home decor, an unusual gift for loved ones, an original decoration and even a backup bouquet for a wedding. In order to master all the intricacies of the craft, you need to start with the simplest techniques. It is best to work together with children to instill a love of creativity, delicate taste, and to help the smallest in the development of fine motor skills, master new skills, and improve color perception. To get your idea right the first time, you need to understand some of the details of the creative process.

Features of satin ribbon crafts

Crafts from satin ribbons

In the photo, a craft from satin ribbons

Since ancient times, narrow braided strips of fabric have been used by people to decorate their hairstyles. It is noteworthy that the tradition was typical for all groups of people, not even geographically related to each other.

Some historians believe that the ribbon woven into the hair was a symbol of a person's status and belonging to a particular stratum of society. Already in the ancient era, such ribbons began to be decorated with embroidery and precious stones. In the East, no less precious natural silk was used to create narrow fabric stripes.

Diy ribbon crafts, although they did not acquire a mass character, due to the high cost of the material (for that historical period), have already begun to be demonstrated as separate objects of art. And in Japan, for example, flowers made from scraps of fabric have become an element of the national hairstyle (ka-zashi).

Today, making satin ribbon crafts is worth pursuing, even if it is not part of your cultural tradition. Applied creativity is of great benefit to human physiology and psychology at any age. For children under 3 years old, co-creation with parents strengthens emotional bonds, but also promotes massage of the baby's fingers and hands. This massage activates specific areas of the brain, contributing to the development of speech and thinking. From 5 to 6 years old, a child, creating crafts from ribbons, learns perseverance, patience, striving for goals and results.

In adolescence, ribbon art is a vivid way of self-expression. Ribbons make original jewelry, useful household items, as well as souvenirs and lovely gifts for friends and family. By the way, handicrafts made from satin ribbons, made by hand, will cost the master quite inexpensively, the material is affordable for almost everyone.

Adults practice arts and crafts to take their minds off their daily tasks, switch, and relax. This is a great opportunity to relax, relieve stress, but also show imagination, realize your goals. For the elderly, any applied art is an excellent prevention of age-related changes in neural connections.

Note! Any benefits of ribbon crafts for children and adults only matter if you engage in creativity systematically.

Materials for making crafts

Satin ribbons for making crafts

Craftswomen of the past used braid and ribbons in most samples of folk art. And therefore, a lot of evidence and recommendations on the materials used have survived, while modern production expands the permissible assortment of the needlewoman.

In most cases, the list of necessary tools and fabrics depends on the used material processing technique.Most often, when working with ribbons, needlewomen use the following techniques:

  • Weaving… Several fabric strips are intertwined, creating strands of bizarre shapes and colors. These braids can be used as bracelets, headbands, bookmarks, or to decorate textiles (pillows, napkins, and even your own clothing).
  • Sewing… With the help of a needle and thread, the ribbons are sewn into voluminous flowers and fixed on the fabric (clothes, bags). Another variation of this technique is tape applique - pieces of tape are sewn in an even field to the base, creating fancy patterns.
  • Embroidery… Crafts from ribbons step by step in this technique resemble a drawing, where a thin ribbon is laid instead of a brush stroke. Depending on the experience and skill of the masters, such "strokes" are obtained in volume, exactly repeating the shape of the petals or leaves.
  • Kanzashi… This is the creation of volumetric flowers from satin ribbons. Traditionally, fabric squares were used in the work, but modern industry has greatly facilitated creativity.
  • Combined technique… Experienced craftsmen actively mix various techniques, for example, embroidery, applique, and kanzashi techniques are used to create a picture. Each technique is simple in itself, but requires a certain amount of experience, a set of tools and practical skills.

Crafts from ribbons will require perseverance from you and a small repair kit, which is in every home - scissors, needles, threads. The combination of materials - cardboard and satin, canvas fabric looks original. You may also need colored and white cardboard, paper, glue stick, or better pistol glue. In some cases, plain paper can be substituted for the recommended felt backings.

If you don't have any materials, don't be discouraged, satin ribbon crafts love to be creative. For example, for embroidery with ribbons, you can use needles with wide ears, and if there are none, first pierce the holes with an awl, and then push the ribbon inward. To create identical spirals, you can use a regular pencil, and you can fix slippery areas during work with an ordinary paper clip or a stationery clip. Each master has his own set of tips to make it easier to work with the material. Feel free to ask experienced needlewomen for advice.

Note! In most cases, it is recommended to hold the ribbon over an open flame of a candle or match for cutting the cut edge of the tape, but working with a wood burner is much easier. If you have this tool in your workshop, DIY satin ribbon crafts will look neater.

Best Satin Ribbon Craft Ideas

It is rather difficult to recommend the easiest way to make a ribbon craft. After all, it all depends on your age, experience in applied art, the amount of materials required and the target idea. If you have recently taken up needlework or are trying to introduce a child to the lesson, start with simple craftwork from ribbons - a voluminous flower for a girl, a bow tie for a boy, baubles. In the future, you can move on to volumetric weaving or embroidery of paintings, the creation of thematic wreaths or toys. The new technique can be learned through detailed master classes, but once you've mastered the basic skills, you can easily make your own fantasies come true.

Craft bracelet made of satin ribbons

Satin Ribbon Bracelet

Homemade bauble bracelets are popular at all times. If you choose the right colors, the jewelry will suit both girls and boys. A beautiful ribbon craft will also be a good souvenir, a symbol of friendship among schoolchildren and adolescents. It will take very little time to work.

Necessary materials:

  • satin ribbon 5 mm wide - 1 m each, two cuts;
  • scissors;
  • matches or a burning candle.

We make a craft bracelet from satin ribbons:

  1. We process the edges of the ribbons so that they do not crumble.
  2. We connect the two colors together and tie with a simple knot so that there is a free edge 10 cm long.
  3. We bend one ribbon, forming a small loop, and wrap the second ribbon around this loop.
  4. We pass the second tape through the loop of the first, forming a new loop of a different color.
  5. By alternately changing the base for the buttonhole, you lengthen the ribbon pigtail.
  6. When the braiding has reached the required length of the bracelet, tie the ribbons with a simple knot.
  7. The free edge of the ribbons will serve as a tie for such a bauble, but you can also use purchased bracelet clamps. They can be found in specialized jewelry stores.

If the bracelet is made for a boy, it is better to use one color. But you can also make a thematic bauble, for example, a bracelet made of ribbons by May 9 looks actual in black and orange. And for the Independence Day, you can make a bauble in the colors of the flag of your native country. Such a gift will suit a young patriot regardless of gender.

Satin ribbon rose

Satin ribbon rose

Craft rose from ribbons can be used as a boutonniere, jewelry for hairpins, brooches. One flower made of shiny material can completely transform your image, add brightness and chic. It is noteworthy that the clips for the same bud can be changed depending on the theme of the evening. However, having understood the simple technology of creating volumetric flowers, you will quickly create many individual decorations for each occasion.

Necessary materials:

  • satin ribbon 50 mm wide - at least 50 cm long;
  • needle;
  • sewing thread to match the satin ribbon;
  • glue or match for edge processing;
  • holder for a rose (blank for a hairpin, brooch).

We make a voluminous rose from a satin ribbon:

  1. We spread the tape with the long side along the work surface. Bend the upper left corner towards the long side of the tape (an oblique fold is obtained at the cut).
  2. We wrap the resulting sharp corner of the tape twice, fix the fold with a needle and thread ("basting" seam).
  3. We wrap a long piece of tape at first strictly to the left, and then upward, we get a neat triangular fold. We fix this fold with a needle and thread.
  4. Continue folding and fixing the folds until the end of the tape.
  5. When all the folds have been "sewn", pull the warp thread, collecting the satin ribbon.
  6. The first fold should be tightened the most, it is around this "petal" that the entire bud will be wrapped. As the rose forms, sew on new petal folds from the bottom so that the ribbon-like rose keeps its shape.
  7. Glue the finished bud to the brooch holder using pistol glue.

By varying the width and length of the ribbons, you can create different sized buds. Headbands and belts are decorated with such bouquets. A large number of satin roses are used to make real paintings or volumetric decorations for the home.

Poppy from pieces of satin ribbon

Poppy from pieces of satin ribbon

It is not necessary to use long cuts of materials for creativity. Beautiful ribbon crafts can be made even from leftovers. If you have trims of wide satin ribbons, you can cut out individual petals of a flower, such as a poppy, from them, and then, after finishing the edges, join them together. The finished bud is fixed on any basis, whether it is a cardboard postcard or a brooch preparation.

Necessary materials:

  • paper - a sheet of paper from a school notebook;
  • pen or pencil;
  • scissors;
  • pieces of satin ribbon (the more the better);
  • needle;
  • threads in the color of satin;
  • glue.

We make a poppy from pieces of satin ribbon:

  1. On paper in a box, draw a pattern of a trapezoidal poppy petal. Make sure that the size of the pattern does not exceed the size of the patches of the satin ribbon.
  2. Using the created pattern, cut out satin blanks.
  3. We process the edges of the ribbon over an open fire, giving the petals a volumetric shape.
  4. We connect the petals of the workpiece together.

From beads and beads, if you wish, you can make the core of the flower, and if there are green cuts among the patches, we use the same technology to make a pattern of the leaf, attaching it to the overall composition.

Note! If you made a carnation or poppy flower as a themed craft for May 9 from satin ribbons, do not complement it with a green leaf. Such a bud remains on the retainer without additional decorative elements.

Kanzashi satin ribbon bud

Kanzashi satin ribbon bud

Crafts from a ribbon using the kanzashi technique require perseverance from the master and the ability to work with a large number of small details. It will be quite difficult for a child to master working with the material on their own, therefore, the help and support of parents is important for the first crafts.

Necessary materials:

  • satin ribbon 2.5 cm wide - 27 pieces 7 cm long;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • open fire;
  • tweezers;
  • white felt 4 cm wide;
  • satin cord;
  • fixer for the finished bud.

We make a bud from a satin ribbon using the kanzashi technique:

  1. We spread the piece of tape with the short side towards us. First fold the tape in half at an angle of 90 ° (you get a kind of letter "G"), and then connect the upper jumper to the base, which is closer to you. It is convenient to use tweezers for work.
  2. We fuse two short sides of the tape cut in a specific way. 27 of these pieces form 27 petals for making from satin kanzashi ribbons.
  3. Cut out a round base with a diameter of 4 cm from felt.
  4. Gently lay out 9 petals along the contour of the felt blank, glue them with pistol glue.
  5. Glue the second and third row of petals over the first.
  6. Twist the satin lace in a spiral and glue it into the middle of the flower.

If you take an orange ribbon and a black cord, then a sunflower is very quickly and easily made in this way. The middle of the satin ribbon craft can also be filled with beads or beads. The finished flower is fixed to any base - from a hairpin to a headband or headband.

Decorative basket made of satin ribbons

Decorative basket made of satin ribbons

Often, textiles are used in art to create applied items, for example, small decorative baskets. Such a product can be used as a home decoration, jewelry stand, decorative element at parties, especially wedding celebrations.

Necessary materials:

  • satin ribbon for the base of the basket - 10 m, 0.5-1 cm wide;
  • cuts of satin ribbons for flowers - optional;
  • pins with a round bead hat - 32 pcs.;
  • toilet soap is a new bar.

We make a decorative craft from satin ribbons step by step in the form of a basket:

  1. Inject 16 pins into a bar of dry soap at an equal distance from each other, trying to achieve the shape of an ideal oval.
  2. On the back of the bar, we also stick in pins at the same distance from each other, but make the oval smaller.
  3. Fix the tape in the middle (5 m) with a needle on the upper side of the soap.
  4. With the free end, we begin to wrap the bar in such a way that the braid grabs the pin alternately from the bottom and from the top, we try to lay out the ribbon so that the new turn partially overlaps the previous one.
  5. The vertical turn should end on the bottom pins, after which we begin to lay out exclusively horizontal bottom rows. To do this, we make one turn around the pin with a free ribbon and drag it to the adjacent pin. We make two such "circles".
  6. Lay out three horizontal rows on the upper needles.
  7. When all the rows are braided, we stick the needles into the soap in such a way that only the bead caps are visible, the metal of the pin should be hidden under the ribbon and in the soap.
  8. We make flowers from scraps of satin ribbons using any of the technologies described above, but you can also use purchased textile blanks.
  9. We fix the flowers on the open surface of the basket.
  10. For the handle, weave a bracelet-bauble from a ribbon to match the base of the basket.We set the wire inside the weaving and form a semicircle-handle.
  11. We attach the handle to the basket.

Note! If you want to make a thematic craft out of ribbons, then practice in advance so that by the time of the holiday you will have an ideal decorative element or souvenir.

How to care for a satin ribbon craft?

Children's craft from satin ribbons

I want to keep children's crafts from satin ribbons as long as possible in order to enjoy the skill, even when the baby grows up. But at the same time, such products are most often used for their intended purpose - for example, brooches and hairpins. The baskets are passed from hand to hand, and the paintings are not protected by glass so that the brilliance and luxury of the satin can be seen. Due to active use, dark spots or traces can often appear on crafts. The satin ribbon can be restored to its original appearance if it is washed.

For ribbon crafts, only gentle hand wash is permissible. If the product was created by you personally, try to find scraps and test the effect of the detergent on the leftovers before cleaning the finished product.

To remove dirt, apply lather to the stain and hold for 5-6 minutes. Then wipe off the foam with a clean cotton pad. Under no circumstances should the entire tape or the finished product be soaked. If possible, remove any metal from the craft.

After such cleaning, the satin ribbon craft should be dried naturally.

How to make a craft from satin ribbons - watch the video:

Thus, jewelry, hairpins and whole pictures can be easily created from a bright, elegant and very inexpensive material. It is quite possible to create the first crafts from ribbons according to detailed master classes, but having studied the basic principles of working with the material, you will be able to quickly come up with and implement new ideas on your own.

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